The Best



Yeah uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah

Yes! G-U-Y and I

Gotta get a piece of this pie

Gonna take you on a high

Do or die

Are you with it?

Cause you can be the one who can get it

And if I get money we can split it

If I gave you my life would you live it

Would you fit it?

Now who wanna be the freeloader

Who wanna be the shareholder

Who's gonna be the downloaders

When I download the **** on the block

All consumers just be ready to cop

Cause I'm ready to drop, **** be fifty a pop

You better let me know if you want it or not

Yo it's gonna be gone by the end of the day

Cause **** from Y2K

1 - We're talking 'bout the best

Take it to the wild, wild West

Talking about the dirty south

That's what I'm all about, no doubt

Take it to the East

You gotta go fast in the streets

Cause I'm living in the belly of the beast

I'm just trying to live in peace, roll out

Now we're rolling on the South side

With my true playas this is from the East side

Got my shorties in the back

Got my niggaz in the front

And my fifteen inch rims on my hoo ride

Now who rides, rolling through the ATL so don't trip

Plus you're about to get yourself in some ****

And you know we got your back

All the clubs are pack from front to back, the girls are phat

Booty banging like a budha sack

And when you're living in the ghetto

You gotta know when to let go

How to hold every dice roll

Or your platinum from your white gold

Plus the price is on your soul

And everyday's in vain

Shooting you're luck like a monopoly game

And everybody's looking for the fortune and fame

That's the name of this thang

Repeat 1

[1 Life 2 Live]:

Only the best like pushing black Bentley coupes

You ain't the best so that just can't be you

Only the best like coppin' a platinum piece

You ain't the best nigga **** ch