Ballad of Laverne and Captain Flint

Guy Clark

Here comes Martha runnin' down the pier
looks like Captain Flint is here
You get the bow and I get the stern
Lord would you look at that Laverne
Old Flint's got shrimp from the deep blue sea
and buckets of fish for you and me

Old Flint's boat is fine and she's called the Miss-Inclined
and there's no home port painted on her stern
and they say she's like a ghost up and down that Texas coast
but you saw him didn't you Laverne

Daddy says Flint is a weird old bird
and what's more I have heard
that his nets are charmed by a woman who knew
how to work that Louisiana voo-doo
Laverne get away from that boat you hear
your mama don't want you hangin' round here


Martha, Martha won't you tell me please
that it's not Laverne that I see
there on the deck of the Miss-Inclined
with Captain Flint I must be blind
Laverne girl what's the matter with you
old Captain Flint put a spell on you