Im Still Searching

Glass Tiger

I'm Still SearchingGlass TigerThe rumors are viciousMy ears are burningIt's been a long hard dayTelephone ringsI still got nothing to sayConsiderations tossedOut the windowI feel a little bit wiredThe rules say anything goesBut I don't want to playYou said I could walk awayTake me back to whereMy life burnsI'm still searching for somethingI'm still looking for someoneBut I'm caught in the middleOf a broken heartAnd a life on the runTook a long walkI went down through the backstreetsI heard the city screamReminds me of the timeI run wicked and freeNow here I stand all aloneBut I'm back to whereMy life burns.One heartOne homeBut I'm still holding onI've lovedBut I've roamedNow I'm goin' home goin' home.From: [email protected]