Christmas To Remember

Gareth Gates

It's Cold, Outside,

The winter snow is falling,

Hills and trees are covered in white

But in my heart, the gentle flame is burning

Like a candle closing the dark

Let it snow all night long

let this christmas be the one (be the one)

that we hold inside our hearts for years to come (oo o)


So make my wish come true

And let your heart be mine tonight

Thats all i want from you

To be forever by your side

So say you wanted to

Lets make this december the christmas well always remeber

Many years, rush by

So many things i wanted

To do with you in so little time

Mistle toe (Mistle toe), christmas bells

Let them ring, alll night long

Let the good times ring alive for years to come


The still christmas well picture together

time after time (oh)

(Chorus x2)