Save the Lies

Gabriella Cilmi

I'd like
To find something
I got my best dress on
And i'll play
From "dusk till dawn"
"when you sleep tonight"
I'd hold my pillow tight
I'd turn
All the lights off

Oh, i say, don't say
That you're up to nothing
Your sure up to something
Today, boy
I'll start a laughing
Cause you will pay

Save the lies
I'm a saying
I might get a bit rough
If he ain't good to me
Oh, good to me
So i say with a smile
Cause i know
That he'll be good
You better
Be good to me
Ya better be good

You better treat me nice
Or i'll come back to bite
Boy, just you wait
And see i'll throw you
In skin deep into reality
No this ain't fantasty

(repete 2 estrofe)

(chorus 2x)

Gonna set your bright
Soul alight
I'm gonna play
My right card tonight
I'm gonna fly my bike
Ride my kite
I'm gonna eat you up
Bite you by the (2x)


Oh, good to me