G Herbo

Y′know if you wonder why I ever tell y'all
Yeah, or whatever I′m on, you know what I'm saying, in the studioI'm just, I just gotta tell y′all my move, when I′m on some boss shit
I gotta embrace my power, yeah

I had to go black for a moment, no IG
I wasn't in these streets
Man, I couldn′t tell my friends from enemies
It was all good, I was off them Perky's, sipping lean
′Til my mind told me stop, or you ain't gon′ hide anything
You ain't gon' hide anything, yeah
You ain′t gon′ hide anything
My man told me stop, or you ain't gon′ hide anything

I know for my niggas I'd do anything
′Cause I love 'em, I won′t take credit for anything
I know niggas that's gon' take credit for everything
Niggas always take from you, ain′t give you anything, them your enemies
I done so much in these streets that I been a G
I just might kill me a nigga off Hennessy
I think I might be too real for the industry
And when I die, I just hope they remember me

I was the flyest lil′ nigga in class
I was the one who stood out in assemblies
I seen my niggas die before my eyes
So I'm the last nigga to show you some sympathy
Cock my shit back, blow it ′til it's empty (baow, baow, baow!)
And I commit murder if you would tempt me

Fuck bitches, leave ′em, make 'em resent me
Bitch, I′m a sinner, I'm not repenting
God forgive me for my sins, but you know just where I been
Give a nigga the whole .30, amen
Probably shot a nigga and forgot, fucking with them Xans
If you ran, got shot in the back for playing

Shouldn't have moved, I′m just saying, that wasn′t part of the plan
Boy, don't front your move, watch what you saying
That might be his man, running your mouth
Then wonder why they shot up your house
Open your mouth, fuck nigga, you a man or a mouse?
Family always calling me ′cause I'm the man of the house
In a sense of emergency, I′ve got a man in route, .30 on 'em now

I can′t break a sweat, bitch, .30 on me now
You see what's on my neck, bitch? .30 on me now
Diamonds look like blaow
Got your bitch, wanna fuck me now
.30 hit like blaow
Army shit like Colin Powell

I went to Bouchet, I ain't go to Powell
Me and shawty fuck, we was running wild
And big bro just beat two bodies
Still ain′t shit then get you bodied
And I got on Chanel deodorant, I might pull up in Maserati
I rap street shit like I′m Hov on 'em, still go fast like kamikaze
And I go move to any state, keep foreign shit in my garage
That mean I might be me, you not, you want me, bitch? Bring my deposit

Ay, G Herbo
You already know what the fuck it is, man
Humble Beast, swervo
You know?
This record man, I′m tryna go down in history
If I ain't gonna be the greatest, I′on even wanna do this shit
For real, like for real, for real
That's why, y′know what, they ain't no fly by night shit
I don't want niggas to feel like- y′know what I′m saying?
I'ma stay as humble as possible, I′m as humble as they come, you know?
But in all actuality I just want niggas to know, you not fuckin' with me