Hear Me Out

Frou Frou

I join the queue on your answer phone

And all I am is holding breath

Just pick up, I know you're there

Can't hear you I'm not myself

Well go ahead and lie to me

You could say anything

Small talk will be just fine

Your voice is everything

We owe it to love and it all depends on you

So listen up

The sun hasn't set

I refuse to believe that it's only me feeling

Just hear me out

I'm not over you yet

It's love on the line

Can you handle it

So how do I do normal

A smile I fake

A permanent wave of cue-cards and fix-it kits

Can't you tell I'm not myself

I'm a slow-motion accident lost in coffee rings and finger prints

I don't want to feel anything

But I do

And it all comes back to you

Hear me out

This time you gotta listen to me

So listen up

Look at me straight

Just hear me out

Don't make me wait

I'm not myself

I can't take this

It's love on the line

Is that your final answer