Front 242

Where did you go?

I need to know

You always walk away

Though I'd like to stay

The place we'd meet

A distant street

And now I walk alone in vain

Wondering if you're still the same

I haven't found G.V.D.T yet

I only spoke with him on the phone

I haven't found G.V.D.T yet

I even don't remember why I've got to meet him

I haven't found G.V.D.T yet

It's an affair I will never forgat

What's wrong?

Corners I turn

Pictures I burn

I look over my shoulder

To the man who grows older

So will I find?

This search is blind

As I who cannot see

As you can run free

Profil FRONT 242

"Front 242" is a pioneering Belgian electronic body music group that came into prominence during the 1980s. For years to come they took the lead in electronic music composition. During their most active period (they decided to quit EBM in 1993 with the albums "06:21:03:11 UP EVIL" and "05:22:09:12 OFF") they were influential to many electro-industrial and electronic artists.

The origin of "Front 242" should be understood within the rise of industrial music ... selengkapnya

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