Daily Duppy (feat. GRM Daily)



Picture thisLittle Fred out there really hittin′ licks
By 15, he's locked in jail but no one didn′t visit him
It's cool though
'Cause most of his friends were still in school though
But he thought a knife and bike was really cooler than some school clothes

Chasin′ money young
Yeah, my teachers and my school knows
I was livin′ with my OG's
Used to tell their mum, "My school′s closed"
Picture this
Niggas slippin' on their blocks for Insta pics
We pull up with the smoke
Let it blow and now your picture′s ripped

Me and mine was broke with hopes of coke fixing it
I was broke, 'til I got coke and put mix in it
She knows I′m risky risking it, got my wrist in, whisking it
I'm either mashin' works on little pricks or I′m assisting it
Slice a nigga′s chest and watch it ooze like there's a cyst in it
I get 300 thousand an album and a Insta pic
Been seeing man grinding for some years just for the pinky drip
Niggas had their eye on it, he lost it in the blink of it

Yo, I don′t even think, when I come to think of it
Forget Titanic, I got enough ice on to sink the ship
Bitches wanna fuck me quick, they don't even need to drink a bit
Rule number one, don′t drive no cars without no tints on it
I know why they hate and lie, it's clear to see they′re mad at me
I got so many hoes, I need to donate some to charity
Fredo started rapping with a bust down and a real chain
Them man didn't even have no money 'til the deal came

You dropped 20 on your wrist, you need a better freezer
That′s the kinda money me and mine go bet on Fifa
Bruddas acting like it′s beef but they look sorta dumb
They don't pull up ′round here, I got more beef with my daughter's mum
My Rolex and gelato, the same number, they′re both 41
I been in the hood all day today, my niggas call me dumb
But if I stopped goin', then I′m knowing the love will all be done
I don't wanna change or stay the same, it is an awkward one

Picture that, now all I got's these pics, I want my niggas back
Girls say they love me, it isn′t that
I steal their heart then give it back
I′m responsible for everything that's popping here
Niggas ask for shit, don′t wanna hear
What would you do if I wasn't here?

Rest in peace my nigga Muscle, you made me drop a tear
Two rambos up in Harvey Nichols, no, we don′t shop in fear
And I don't blame them lame bruddas for watchin′ what we do
'Cause if I was you lame bruddas, I'd be copying me too

Why would I ever marry a hoe?
So she can get bored, take half of my pattern and go? No
Crazy bro, I was in jail, hearing me on the radio
Didn′t know if I would make it home
But life is what you make it though

Even though I′m seein' this crazy money
I know they want the crazy freestyle, they been waiting on me
My youngens sliding every night, yeah, they try daily duppy
Hundred ′round my neck and I won't let no one take it from me

Straight in like that, yeah?
Ah, let′s go again

Made mistakes in my life and it needs a rewind
But then again, when I check these the reasons I'm out here
When I was broke, they couldn′t see me, them people was blind
Now I'm up, everyone seems to be seein' me fine

Bad on my own, they only move in a herd
Last time I checked, pussy boy, you was a nerd
Whistle on this new stick, is how we move on the curb
Lil′ prick, we put the stick here on do not disturb

Men lie, women lie but them numbers are real
So the opps must be lying ′cause their numbers are nil
You can't name one man that you done in the field
But you got hundreds of tracks, spittin′ nothin' but drill

Any time I′m spittin', they know it′s nothin' but real
I'm so lit, girls are always tryna come in some heels
But you look silly dressed up when you′re just coming to chill
I′m tryna fuck you on the sofa then run up a mill

Little Troy got a twenty, shit is fuckin' for real
Anytime his Mum ask, I gotta cover them bills
Got skills in the pot, whipped a 100ml′s
Niggas start to think my left wrist must've come from Brazil

I done brought a couple man in to the party
But they ain′t here to party
You play? Then they're coming to drill
If niggas think that I ain′t gang no more and I'm a rapper
Come test me and you'll find out that I′m one of them still

Two sticks in the whip, no bamboo
Even Usain Bolt would lose track of all them hoes I ran through
You niggas doing loads, there′s not much that I'd do for hoes
Most I bought a bitch was Hakkasan and a Uber home

I′m doin' festivals, them man are doing tuna rolls
We′re the teachers of the drip, gotta tutor loads
Lost my dargie and I know that he ain't coming back
If you lose your jewels by my dawgs, we don′t run it back

I swear it's hard to be a boss
I just lost Muscle, I feel like part of me is lost
If I could, I swear I'd probably have an argument with God
I know you got your reasons, I′m in my feelings, I don′t understand
Dotz died before he even was a fucking man
My step dad caught an M, there ain't no coming back
But before this, I already was my brother′s dad
That's how it goes when your people wanna fuck with crack

Then the feds wanna send my niggas to pen′
When deep down, we all know the real villains is them
Why start taking crack? It just poisons estates
I thought that people gotta live with all the choices they made

We don't force them to call, they been callin′ for days
And you can lock me up, cool, they'll just be calling my mates
It's safe to say, when shotters getting more than a rapist case
How can I abide by the law or what the labour says?

I feel them guys in suits got all these laws tailor made
′Cause they might touch a kid but they won′t never touch a razor blade
Where I'm from, there′s not one, we had to make a way
Started with some fast food, the T is like a takeaway

Straight from the block
We could go away for years
And no one here can't be taking the spot
Came from poverty so I bought a bust down watch
And a box before I ever thought about buying any property

I gotta give it honestly, that′s why my niggas honour me
Feds might as well make a Instagram, how they follow me
My young niggas stab you up, you're dead, probably
′Cause they're walking 'round with machetes that′s made for doner meat

Yo, they′re actin', the love is just cheap
And that′s why that shit there don't mean nothing to me
I′m getting six figures now, just to go jump on a beat
So this my last freestyle 'cause I do nothin′ for free