There They Go

Fort Minor

One time for my Machine Shop crew and then its
Two times S.O.B and LP too and then it's
Three times It's Mike and Six on the track and then
Four Times when we come in through the back they're sayin

Oh no close the door
Shut the lights and start the show
Better let everybody know
Get on the mic and there they go

Armed and dangerous bitch
Ya'll cant really hang with us in this
Everyone's so afraid of us/ shit
Makes me wanna hang it up and quit
Forget aboit all the things you heard before
'Bout time that we're kicking down your door
Everybody's gonna hit the fucking floor
Like " please Mike dont hurt me anymore"
I dont gotta have a secret lie or an alibi
everybody knows why I'm here
I'd just as soon crazk a bottle
As crack you over the head with a bottle a bear
So just listen up there powder puff
Better believe that I'm not playing
You can love it you can hate
But dont mistake it everboy's saying


What you really wanna do is this
Just make believe that i don't exist
But you wont cause everytime you go to spit
I talk right over you just like this
It's annoying just for you
You can scream all day 'til your face is blue
Im gettin in your head and you know it too
And thats just me you dont know my crew
My man Sixx John understand though
The way that he flows you can call him Rambo
Never miss a shot never run out of ammo
Coming with heat like a goddamn commando
And in S.O.B
Ryu, Tak, Vin Skully, Cheapshot
Now you see
Fuck with me?, nah , Sixx

[Sixx John:]
Uh oh whatere you yell when you see that door colse
Imma bail through the back (fo sho)
Straight to the bar so i can act (a fool)
I figure you guys would get a little surprised
Youy eyes wide when its me and Mike Shinod
Im just plain old Sixx John from the Nam- District
This is not supposed
I still talk with awkaward speech
Im like a dog that's off his leash
Step out with a Fort Minor patch on a black tee
Niggas scared to walk these streets
I aint trippin homie talk is cheap
Accapella or we can bark on a beat
And if that aint enough action i got
Seventeen pages in the little magazine i keep

We got this place rockin' beat knockin non stopping
If ya'll are with it let me hear it now (yeah) yo

One time
for my Machine shop crew and then its
Two times
S.O.B and LP too and then its
Three times
Its Mike and Sixx on the track and
Four times
we do it like that