Lonely Children


You go where the wind blows, leading the life you chose

Your destination remains unknown

No one to help you, nobody cares about you

You're looking for someplace you can call home

Lonely children on the run

Lonely children need someone

Too many questions, you need to answer to them

Your information is so incomplete

You seek directions, you would be lost without them

Don't let them find you lying in the street

Lonely children on the run

Lonely children, lonely, need someone

Someone to talk to

Someone who cares

Someone who listens

Is anyone there?

They may detest you, someday they may arrest you

They stop at nothing to hold you down

You need to be free, but will they ever let you?

They won't be happy till you leave town

Lonely children on the run, run on the run

Lonely children need someone, need someone

Lonely children in the night, can't see the light

Lonely children need a guiding light, don't forget

Lonely children all alone

Lonely children have no home

Lonely children on the run

Hope someday there'll be someone

Lonely, lonely children