[Intro: Natalie & (Common)]
This is a message from the mother
(Let's go girl)
She told me to tell my brother
She loves you...and I do too
(Yes yes)
Cause you're my SupaStar
(You're my SupaStar)
You are
(Come on)

[Verse 1: Marsha]
It's a pretty day, let's go outside and enjoy it
If you got something else in mind, then I'm all for it
I will take the chance, I will take your hand
Then we'll go there, go there...
Love isn't something that you earn, it's deserved
Love is something I can give cause I'm worth it
You amaze me
I am taken in
You're so lovely
I can

[Chorus (x2)]
I can see you
Tell me what you wanna do
I know who you are
You're my SupaStar

My man said Heaven is a day away
If in the present, you loving a braver way
I wear the aura of a king, and dream of a love supreme
As a child, I was told that my love is king
Seen what it could bring to the lives of those
That ain't afraid to give with they souls exposed
Golden rose, you color my reality with balladry
Allowing me to love like a child that's free
I'm proud to be your SupaStar

[Verse 2: Marsha]
My love is honest & true, and I can prove it baby
My love is everything to you, if you choose it baby
You're amazing
I'm so taken in
You're so lovely
I can

[Chorus (x2)]

You know I liked him so much
It turned into loving
Then the love back to like,
Now I feel like I'm bursting
Well nursed him and named him
so full of potential
He stands tall, our feel is eternal
Fine like the earth, and the sea, and the sky
Together we make stars, we are truly fly
I wanna paint him, take a picture of his soul
The story should be told
See he's like everything I dreamed of
But better than the preview
Now everything he working on
Has got me saying "Me too!"
Like he food and I need, blood cause he bleed
He real 'cause I see, it's all meant to be
Remember how to make believe
Yo, these brotha's are your enemy
You're in a state of disbelief
Without your heart you'll never be
So sisters sing along with me
'Cause your love is true

[Chorus (x2)]

[Outro: Marsha]
You're my supastar
My love is honest & true, and I can prove it baby
Prove it baby, I can prove my love to you
My love is honest & true, and I can prove it baby
I can prove my love, Yeah Yeah