Part Of The Machine

Fates Warning

Just another face in the crowd

wandering towards obscurity.

Driven by the dull desires

of a worn out routine.

Stagnant in the suffocating silence

of emotional exile,

a fugitive from freedom

surrenders to mediocrity.

A helpless voice

starting to sink.

You could make a choice

but you never learned to think

Weary and weakened

victims fall prey

to vague ideals

and passionless play.

Systematic spontaneity

in synchronized society.

Immersed in the cause

and the call of the day,

sacrificed inner needs

give way.

To shared individuality

in collective reality.

A spirit of belonging

satisfies your longing

but the truth is never seen.

False sense of freedom grows

but dependency shows

your part of the machine.

A hopeless choice,

searching for someone real.

You could find that voice

but you never learned to feel.