Texas Troubadour

Ernest Tubb

The New York City folks

Say I'm too country

The Grinny Village hippies

Call me square

But at the Long Horn barroom

Down in Dallas Texas

They call me

The Texas Troubadour there

My home state of Texas

You've been good to me

Your wide open spaces treat me fair

The girls are so much prettier

Down in Texas

They don't breathe

That New York City polluted air

[ steel ]

The New York City sidewalks

Filled with people

Too busy to say hello to you there

With hearts as cold

As the concrete that they walk on

They sure could use

Some clean fresh Texas air

Now Texas folks don't judge you

Till they know you

And they don't judge you then

By what you wear

And you can feel at home

Anyplace in Texas

If you don't own a thing

Or if you're a millionaire

Now my home state of Texas...