Stompin' And Pimpin'


[Featuring MJG]


Let it loose

Mature content

Here we come again bitch in your mothafuckin' face

EightBall and M J fuckin' G rippin' up the place

Comin' out hard like I told you I was gonna do

At the Marriott lettin' your hoe do what she wanna do

Not because I paid her or made her

Nigga who you think I be a trick and give my money up?


No no I got game for a hoe

Baggets and combo

In a wooded out Tahoe

Murder niggaz

Cane slangin', gang bangin'

Hand language got my mind twisted and tangled

I remember walkin' up and down Orange Mound

Memphis Tenn, that's my mothafuckin' stompin' ground

Made it out, givin' back, bustin' dope raps

You can't run, in every neighborhood they bustin' caps

Country niggaz, tinted out, gettin' fucked up

The wrong move will get your whole crew fucked up

I wouldn't speak it, if I never thought it dig this

You critisize this, bitch, I gotta live this

So i keep my pen, and I keep my 4-5th

Light a spliff, nigga me and G comin' through


Stompin', Pimpin'

You can't fuck with this

Stompin', Pimpin'

Ain't no competition

Stompin', Pimpin'

We the shit nigga

Stompin', Pimpin'

Bitch come and get some


We got that big pimpin' and I'm big footin'

Shit I'm doin' it, you couldn't

Hell, Suave House got it locked down

Nigga, you shouldn't, even try

To fuck with M-J should I pimp this for excersize

Woman, I don't want your pussy, now rest your thighs

No testin' eyes, stays on my B's and U's and D's