Pure Uncut Remix


[Featuring Canibus DMX McGruff]


DMX McGruff and Canibus. You know where you heard it first. My man

Cardin G

Black Ralph Universal Records. Uh *all echoes*. Pure Uncut

Eightball *DMX

barks in background* DMX (What?) DMX McGruff McGruff and Canibus


Yeah its the Pure Uncut raw we keep it raw. Its the Pure Uncut raw


keep it raw. Listen...


Niggas at Ruff Ryders is the illest, baby gorillas

And shit we do today is gon' catch up with us and kill us

Long as I feel this, motherfucker's head is shot

Fucking lead is hot, and leave them dead to rot

Ruff Ryders cut the shit up, like raw keys

Like that crystal aching my last ?name is Raheed?

It can happen niggas, dog keys, and still gun it down

Only cause I know how you look up to a nigga, from the ground

Running clown, you no better, than ?a braveless heart?

?For my kids? I thank you God

And if you don't know, ask a nigga, that they just put in the ground

Slugs ran out of him, so I must've put in a pound

At least! I gave it to another nigga for lookin

Money, ?could never stop my slugs? from cookin

Remember me, cause I'ma be there when they bury, you

Leave your skeleton in the cemetery


Dum, du-du, dum

Who got the, who got the bum bu-bu bum?

We wrap it up and smoke it, sixty green

I'm a fiend for this rap thing

Down South hustiln' and we all about the cream

Stick em up, mad face, car chase through the city

Fuck the police, I'm mad plus I'm going off that gritty

Frank ?Nitty? got a mob down to murder with me

Catch one to stick me, believe it or not, I cripply

I rip thee, back into a stack and flip it like a tech

Pure uncut, tie it u