Happy Birthday

Eamon McCann

Happy Birthday Eamon McCann

Another year's gone by

But don't sit and cry

We're all going the same way

Thank your lucky stars

You've got this far

Just enjoy your day

You know time don't wait

But its never too late

To do what you want to do

Now just clear your mind

'Cause I think its time

To sing this song to you


Happy birthday, happy birthday

It don't seem too long

Since we said it a year ago

Happy birthday, happy birthday

I'll always be your friend

And that'll never end

Cause my love for you will never grow old

Now don't hesitate

Let's celebrate

Put on your dancin' shoes

When we hit the floor

I couldn't ask for more than

To have this dance with you

Just before your time

When your star did shine

Away up in the blue

The Lords plan he had

With your Mom and Dad

Made a baby that's you