The Heart Of The Wolves

E-Town Concrete

There can be no mercy

In the heart of the wolves,

There can be no shelter

In the eye of the storm, no.

Don't touch the flame,

The burn inside the burdens

That I found comfort in it's core.


I chose the road that's unpaved.


I laid the path that I made.

Rain or shine or rise or fall,

If you fall short

I'll win it all.

Expect me to be the net that is here

To catch your fall.

Flame, flicker, flicker flame.

Fighting foes you can't contain,

And mercy made me

The fire I learned to be,

I yearned to be so far on top

That rain or shine or rise or fall,

I won't fall short

I'll win it all.

Burn the fuck down.

You will crumble just like the ashes.

You will melt within my flame.

After memories fade,

Time turns to pain,

I'll maintain.