Let's Go

E-Town Concrete

Everyday we hit the ground running,

We keep that crowd jumping,

We keep that club up and

We give you all something.

Don't matter how we flip our style

Because we make it happen.

So versatile I hit you screaming

Oor I hit you rapping.

Now what you're yapping shut your trap

Before you catch a slapping,

Cuz it's our time, so stop your whining,

This was bound to happen.

Put your hands together, get to clapping.

You know that the rock ain't afraid to roll.

You know that the concrete will crack your skull. Trying to make about a thousand O's.

So let's go.

Trying to rip about a thousand shows.

Let's go.

Everynight we coming out swinging,

We keep that crowd singing,

Ears ringing,

Listen we do our damn thing man.

You heard me,

Clap clap clap before I get to capping.