Faces Of Death

E A Ski

I only got one life to live like the soaps

So before they take mines I'm puttin glocks to they throats

Kerplow! Adams Apple just got hit by a nine millimeter slug this all

real this ain't no counterfit

Test these nuts nigga your shell gone crack and its gone take more


just a Quiji board to bring your spirit back.

You lead yourself into this confrentation elemination of your bodily

creation now you just a patient.

A doctor death but not Kevorkian

You can turn the tails but you don't wanna see the tails of the


Faces of war , faces of anger, meet me face to face this ain't no

identity crisis this a mental phase.

A million and one faces I've got to know

Cause nobody surpass the wrath of Sir Skier the O

AK's, Glocks, with infareds and Techs on my swords for conquest as


test my faces of death


Faces of death, Faces of death

Are you scared for your life motherfucker?

(You don't wanna see)

Faces of death, Faces of death

Are you scared motherfucker for your life?

(You don't wanna die) (x2)

Me muggin is how I set them up

A smirky wicked twisted grin suspicion alone just shuts them up.

Confusion arouses they brain like pussy do cause they don't know what


can do to them or they pussy crew

I should tell them to recognize like Sam Snead but I got so many faces

its a warning they just couldn't heed

It gets greater later but not for haters

I snuff them like Space Invaders call me player hater assassinator

Damn these niggers make my trigger finger inch.

Fuckin with these menace to society makes me click shit

I gave triggers to niggers with no hearts

Turn niggers into stars and player haters into marks nigger