Christopher Lydon

Dresden Dolls

clutching the phone till my hands were sore
i never understood pain before, christopher
you cannot know what it does to me
hearing you speak with this frequency

i never knew what one voice could do
i was in heaven the moment i heard you
my friends go out drinking and having fun -
i stay in bed with my headphones on

shot down with arrows from waves above
christopher lydon renounced my love

it took so long to get through to you
i never understood sorrow, and now i do
i finally got past your moniter,
and you broke my heart in two, chrisopher

christopher, i am your listener, christopher,
i've never felt love like this before, christopher,
christopher, now and forevermore, chrisopher
i'll never stop saying christopher, christopher

finally i knew what i had to do
christopher i had to make the connection with you
i dont care that you could be my father, dear chistopher
i will be yours til the bitter end........

so during a show about joan of arc
i got through - i said:
"christopher lydon, you've stolen my heart"
when i asked if you felt the same way for me
you cut me off like a guillotine

drawn like a bull to a matador-
i just see visions of chrisopher
shot down by arrows from waves above
christopher lydon renounced my love

christopher, i was your prisoner, christopher,
i hope you're happy now chistopher
thank you for everything but i'm not listening anymore nor do i plan to contribute to NPR
christopher what do you take me for i'm not just any old talk show host groupie....
oh there a chance for me?
christopher...beautiful, beautiful christopher....beautiful, beautiful, beautiful christopher....