Crazy World


bad bitches countin doe baggin rocks crazy whole teams committed we was poor as

kids..... but now it seems we've done did it and blew other

niggas find the style hard to chew talkin bout we too wild and


emphatically true so don't cross us....or you'll be on the

ground countin losses for rea; every nigga I know will peel a

motherfuckin dome like stockin - we be the owner of the style

many niggas be jockin - blocks be rocklin - Glock pops alot and,


there ain't no stoppin me or my mans. We like whatever.

Pop told me that this money's not forever so I look for investments


my crew to bury treasure. That be it, say when ya makin

money , paw, ya see it - cause if ya can't be paid, it's like ya can't

be shit HOOK Ringleaders are coming, get up your dick-beaters

- or heaters - and share the mind state of a fetus - can't beat us -


lyrically them niggas can't see this as it go's - we turn kilo's

into litres. Pounds turn to smoke in the concrete flood - and blood


often turn the dirt into mud. Bulletts become shells -

names become bells, and if you blow street trial, nigga your cell

becomes hell - said even time don't tell, at least that's how it used

to be, but it's a different day and time and strong eyes don't see


the wire - ready to blow the empire like a friar, smoking

blunts strong as desire - a messiah - raised amongst men that


to retire but often end up the town crier - In the fire of a

cold world yo, said it be flamin - still we aimin to be the one - Titus

& Haymon HOOK Get ready - my whole teams known to rock

steady - No Getty - I gots more sauce than spaghetti - a machete -