Save Us

Dream Evil

You are the chosen one

to battlefield you're ready to go

Sail away to the land of the damned

Survive from the dragon's claws

You're the one to save our lord

(You've got to fight! Kill 'em all!!)

There's no one else but you

who can conquer the beast

(You've got to fight! Kill 'em all!!)

You have that speacial gift

that's given from above

You are stronger than the gods

A warrior of flesh of blood

Save us & bring back the heart

our future lies upon your arms

Save us you know that you must

tomorrow might never show up

You got to fight

We put our faith in you

we pray for you to win this fight

You are our only hope

complete your task and come back alive

Sailing away, to unknown land

Now is the time, to face the demons

Tracking it down, I'm ready to fight

Sharpen my sword, to slay the dragon