Crusaders' Anthem

Dream Evil

[The people:]

Tell me who is that man

With blood on his hands

Pretending he's god

With a mind of his own

Built a tower of stone

To reach for the sky

Is it true what they say

All the things that they do

This tyrant must go

[The crusaders:]

Burn down Jerusalem

light up and carpe diem

hurry now we can't let them win

Burn down Jerusalem

The home of evil men

It must burn and be cleansed from all sin

[The people:]

He can whip up a wind

He can play with your mind

With a gesture so faint

No more whispering campaign

Everywhere on the walls

this devil we paint

See the people in chains

See them suffer in pain

Through the hot desert sand

[The crusaders:]

Burn down Jerusalem

My wish is your command

I'm the king of the desert sand

Burn down Jerusalem

This god forsaken land

It must burn and be cleansed from sin

He's evil at heart - so stay away

and now you've been warned. The tyrant must die