Fears Of A Coke Lord

Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina)

[verse one]
In the blink of an eye
You know your tiga can die
I'm from the land of the 22, 44, 45
Riddles and lies is something we all despise
So we look up to sky for the answer to "why?"
We was just little tigas when we first tried
You chose the d-game, and I chose the rhyme
Though our brains were the same man
Our brains had to change man
Cause if it didn't change, we'd be stuck in the game
Man the game

(I can't even have a family god)
Fears of a coke lord driving my tigers insane
(These cats is coming after me god)
Tryin to get paid off the ya-yo powder and caine
(My woman's hella sheisty god)
Fears of a coke lord driving my tigers insane
(I wanna do better god)
But check it, I feel your pain

[verse two]
It was 7-4, I mean July the 4th
I was going on tour and you was going to war
Dope fiend checks, a new Lex and kill techs
Before I had to jet I told the god I'm impressed
He said check it out Nicky, I'm killing the world
My woman is top notch, got my brain in a twirl
Hella ballers done hit it and I call her my girl
And my mama looks at me like I'm not her pearl
I go to sleep every night with a body on my mind
Man, slugs from the nine, you shoulda seen how he died
Fears for years, but yo- you already knew that
I'ma keep selling dope, but yo, how can I do that?
Itchin to be vicious ever since I was seven
He said Nickatina will we go to heaven
For the game