Dr. Sin

Stay back, watch your step
You're a joke, and that's a fact
And I don't give a shit if you hate me

You've been trying hard to put me down
I look at you and I see a clown
NO matter what, you better stop
Someday you'll have to learn
Or maybe you wanna be

S.O.B. you son of a bitch
S.O.B. you better (bastard) listen to
me because - You've got nothing
You're a joke
Don't even try to mess around with me
So get lost, you fool
Cause if you push me
I'll give you what you need

God dammed! Check this guy!
He made a fortune ruining people's life
He makes me afraid of human kind

You talk too much, it drives me mad
I really think that is pretty sad
The faster you climb, the faster you fall

You bastard, you better listen to me
You're just a son of a bitch