Where The Hood At


[DMX talking]

Aiyyo, ya niggaz must be outcha fuckin mind

Thinkin dog can't pull another motherfuckin rabbit out the hat

Nigga I ain't gotta check out my motherfuckin sleeves you bitch ass niggaz

Fuck is y'all niggaz...

Y'all niggaz just thinkin I'm sittin around doin nothin?

Oh my God, y'all niggaz can't be serious

[Chorus: DMX - repeat 2X]

Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at?

Have that nigga in the cut, where the wood at?

Oh, them niggaz actin up?!? Where the wolves at?

You better BUST THAT if you gon pull that


Man, cats don't know what it's gonna be

Fuckin with a nigga like me, D-to-the-M-to-the-X

Last I heard, y'all niggaz was havin sex, with the SAME sex

I show no love, to homo thugs

Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs

How you gonna explain fuckin a man?

Even if we squashed the beef, I ain't touchin ya hand

I don't buck with chumps, for those to been to jail

That's the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps

I don't fuck with niggaz that think they broads

Only know how to be ONE WAY, that's the dog

I know how to get down, know how to BITE

Bark very little, but I know HOW TO FIGHT

I know how to chase a cat up in the tree




Once a song, I come though, guns is drawn

BLAM BLAM, lungs are gone, sons will mourn

From dusk till dawn, nighttime belongs to the dog

On the street passed midnight, look for 'em in the morgue

Don't play with these cats cuz I ain't got nothin to say to these cats

For the mothers that really do love em, please pray for these cats

Cuz I know niggaz is hardheaded but I ain't got the patience

Don't want me havin no patience turn into more patience

More trips to ICU cuz I see you

Tryna get away with shit a real nigga wouldn't do

Where my dogs at? (RIGHT HERE) See them niggaz? (RIGHT WHERE?!?)


Profil DMX

Earl Simmons (born December 18, 1970 in Mount Vernon, New York), better known by his stage name DMX (Dark Man X), is an American rapper from Yonkers, New York and actor signed to Ruff Ryders Entertainment. In 1998 he released his debut solo album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, and has since released 1998's Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, 1999's ...And Then There Was X, 2001's The Great Depression, 2003's Grand Champ and 2006's Year of the Dog.. ... selengkapnya

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