World In Motion

DJ Bobo

Journalism, for the mass
Greener, than the greenest grass
Naivety, isn't what we need
Every picture wee see, every line we read
What about pollution, what about rain
What about the people suffering their pain
Criticism is the magic word
To think about rumors we have heard

World in motion, everywhere
Wake up from your dreams
Open up your eyes and see the light
World in motion, all the time
Feel it in you heart
What you wanna see with your own eyes
World in motion

We don't really care about what we see every day
From Moscow to Jo`burg, from Rio to L.A.
We pretend to be a nation of tolerance and peace
But isn't it violence which increase
Headlines are shocking, stories are brand, new
How can you be sure that everything is true
No difference between reality and show
Stimulation, overflow

It's a world in motion
Every picture we see
A part of history
World in motion
It's a world in motion
It will always last
Between future and past
World in motion
It's a world in motion
But what's going on, and what is wrong
World in motion
It's a world in motion
Against the wind
Close your eyes and let it in