Division Of Laura Lee

I believe in the broken hearted

and I know that your time will come

I close my eyes to get it all undone

I believe that you are loveless

you gave me nothing and i gave you all

make way for something cant you

something i hope

something tells me when I am wrong

Make way for someone wont you

someone that tells me that you are wrong

big descisions that i make to get what i want

its such a joyful life

big descisions

make them fast

try to coup with my past

and get on with your afterlife

I see the godless people

and thoose who still believe

I dont know my way

I guess im free

I hear them talking about me

think of what I've done and let it go

take care of the broken hearted

tell them what to get and how to learn

take care of me im loveless and make sure you tell me where to turn

I know that you cant see it

I know that you cant see me

I wish that i could feel it

I wish that i could feel you

its just how it is

you just stole my time

but now I know that you are loveless