Discotion Pill


Do you know the lonely peoples thought ?
Do you feel the feeling that they got ?
Far away from home tonight
Find a way to hate and fight
They supposed to kissed at valentine
With a hug and a glass of wine
But it just a dream to them
While we laughing, but they don't

A lot of non-conclusion way
Cross the line that we could say
Rose are black and gold are wood
Hate to dare but trust the mood
Like a little candle stare at floor
In the dark, beside the door
Well this is how I am
While you laughing but I don't
Trust you anymore

Cause I
I wont be cool
A shame to be foolish
Wont you loving me ?
But I
I lost the one
I'll be the only
Broken wings
Alone again

You were makes me done with everything
But now I don't had a chance to anything
Take a pills and shit, dance, I don't care
Paranoid kills me by the time
I'm a ghost and you'll be my dead body
Put that daily absence to your mouth
Rebellion pushing me alive
Motivation over the bubble dreams