We like explosions that leave you feeling good
we like ideas that change the world for good
there's nothing past the stop 'n' go
there's nothing but the ebb and flow
there's nothing like some in and out
there's nothing more than what you know
we like new places that jets can't take you to
we do like music when it does what it should do
yes oh yeah
yes oh yeah
yes (we like) oh yeah (explosions)
yes (we like) oh yeah (explosions)
we like explosions it's only right we should
we like ideas we thought you understood
we like new places until they're overrun
we do like music -- loud shots from the big spudgun

Profil DEVO

Devo is an American rock group formed in Akron, Ohio, United States in 1972. The band split in 1991 and returned in 1996. The band currently consists of Gerald Casale (vocals, bass), Mark Mothersbaugh (vocals, synthesizer), Bob Mothersbaugh (guitar) and Josh Freese (drums). Former members include Bob Casale (guitar, keyboards) (born July 14, 1952; died February 17, 2014) and Alan Myers (drums) (born 1955; died 2013). The band released their first album in 20 years, "Something for Everybody" on June 15, 2010. ... selengkapnya

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