Soap (i Use The)

David Gates

I use the soap to wash the dirt of my face

I write with pencil so that I can erase

But what's to do when someone's taken my place with you, with you

I know to stop when the light turns to red

And when it rains I know to cover my head

But what's to do when I wish'd I were dead over you, 'ver you, over you

Do do do do do etc

Plannin' to write off tomorrow

Do do do do do etc

Hopin' to wash off the sorrow

I woke to find that my world was not there

It ceased to me when I found you did not care

And my ambition vanished into thin air along with you, with you

Now my emotions find it hard to let go

And as for me I'll find a new road to hoe

But maybe this time I will take it more slow than before, before

Than before