The Great Intoxication

David Byrne

Who Disco?

Who Techno?

Who Hip-Hop?

Who Be Bop?

Who's been playing records in his bedroom?

Who rocks out?

Who's spaced out?

Who brings you?

Who sings you?

Who's still workin' on his masterpiece?

The great intoxication

The mental generation

Sound effects & laughter

Stupid ever after

Hopin' it was cranked up

Loud enough for you to hear

He's drunk and he's insistent

Shy but he's persistent

Boisterous & jumpy

Disorganized & funky

Every day he wonders

What the hell she sees in him?

Ah, but who saves you?

Who craves you?

Who Heartbreaks?

Who love makes?

Look into the eyeball of your boyfriend

Who drives you?

Capsized you?

Who shakes you?

Who wakes you?

Who's still workin' on his masterpiece