Danger Mouse , Sparklehorse , MF DOOM

Brand new crisp beef and brocks, piss on ′em
Season box tickets, teeth and socks, whiz kiss on 'em
Silver green argyle, yank fitted editAnything he spitted at, kilted-ed it, dead it
Stomp gators, a little more complicated-er
Competition slayer, no paid for no pleasure hater
Later, we don′t listen to no demos
And don't know why folks keep missin' these new memos
Work wit′ me, wittingly jerk a whole city cripple
Hit a key in C, perk a ′ole titty nipple
G stacks, sheets one feet in a street still
Three crack beats heat from here to Peekskill
To eat with mills, and a heap of cheap thrills
Ballin' in a gutter like, 23in Jeep wheels
All in together bruh, keep from out the rain
If you can′t speak the weather of the pain from the smotherer
Lover, who needs a stronger umbrella
Put it on the list so nothin' wrong he′ll ever tell 'ya
Any song he sells ′ya from his brain is the zaniest
Villainous, the arcane-iest, miscellaneous
Main vein bust, maintaining the grain dust
As he gingerly touch the paintbrush, the mange crust
Dange', what's the deal? And suggest the numbers
Front us somethin′ real for a peak of summer thumperers
Got it? Good then
720 credit spotted in the hood again, knocks to the bin
Once the guitar part starts to leak quarts
Hunter orange Carhartt complete with fatigue shorts
Double thick cap to match with the pocket top
Stay up in the aim to get maimed when the rocket drop
Akh, it′s a shame, got the goggle frames, transition lenses
It's not a game, carpool lane, whizzes in Benz′s
His intentions is tremendous, but will he sway?
This invention as horrendous as a filthy lay
It extends just past the fringes of the milky way
Ninjarous, best to not offend us, have a ilky day