F You

Da Brat

Uh uh uh

I know don't exactly what's wrong with your nigga's neck

It's ain't my fault if he looking

You 'spose to keep his ass in check cause

Every time I come near

All he do is stare

And I can see it in his eyes that he wants some

He know what's in the prize it's Red Rum

To any of these hoes that come

Stand next to me and look like bums they make pennies

And all I do is stack the paper

Just in case I run into some complications

I'm set for life, never in debt

And you frustrated when I get all the niggas' attention

You fall off

Guess you was born to make the coffee for us

Writing bitches with a higher position

Da Brat talk niggas listen

Go get a nine to five

Cause you can't keep up with the shit I cook up

I can't help it if you're nigga wanna hook up

Ya gotta man but he keep looking at me

Like he really wanna drop ya bad

Cause I'm the shit and I know you mad

But I don't give a fuck, you

Got some dough but your paper ain't as long as mine

And ya really wanna stop me bad

But fix your face bitch I'm here to stay

And I don't give a fuck, you

And I'mma make sure that my niggas lookin'

Tell you broads to calm down there ain't no competition

I'm flawless as the rocks on my left pinky

And I love it when y'all wanna get at me

And make me think my shit don't stink

Evidently you ain't satisfied at home

She ain't got no style of her own

No body of her own

Not roaming in the V12

You turned on because I bought it myself

What other bitch do you know like this?

That's tight as a hot curl

Known to rock worlds

Profil DA BRAT

Shawntae Harris (born April 14, 1974), better known as Da Brat, is an American rapper and actress. Her debut album, Funkdafied, sold one million copies making her the first female rapper to have a platinum-selling album.Regarding her soon-to-be rap name, Harris told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she got the name because she is "a spoiled only child." Harris is the half-sister of actress LisaRaye McCoy

In 1992, Harris got a big break when she won the grand prize in a local rap contest sponsored by Yo! MTV Raps. ... selengkapnya

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