Pistol Pistol

D-12 Featuring Eminem


Yeah, welcome to Amityville


Detroit, nigga!


The reason why rappers gotta pack pistols! Ha ha ha ha!

[Chorus - Eminem]

Slick criminal wit, the shit I spit chews

like a bullet came back that just missed and hit you

I say the type of shit parents slit their wrists to

need an anthem to amp you, then this the shit to

Too many enemies on my list to sift through

nobody got my back in this bitch but this two

Sorry officer, I don't care how pissed I get you

but I don't go nowhere without my pistol pistol

[Swifty McVay]

Nigga, we violently active, so fuck with us

see I'm backwards - I slap niggas and punch bitches

Just for asking, they must've been wanting to meet the Lord

when my parents talk to me they've got mean mugs and ignore

They were snooping through my closet, seen drugs on the floor

shells from the forty-four scattered over their porch

Bustin pistols in your windows with intentions to destroy you

trying to break your neck to conversate? Bitch, I'll do it for you

Catch me laughing at your funeral when they lower you, you and your ho

you gots to go, bitches died slow and horrible

There's no tomorrow for any nigga, we'll shower you

young, Black, and powerful, (BITCH!) and I ain't gotta lie to you


Stepped in the door waving the four-four

blazing at po-po, escaping and lay low

They call my (?), but I spit fire

I lit five inside a fucking dickrider

The clip slider, love to blast a Mag, you're a FAG

you love being ass to ass

Grab a gun by the nose with the butt to gat-spank ya

never say that I'm a gangsta, now THAT'S gangsta

Yall niggas sound like Jigga but act like Pac

yo, my trigger got the flu and this gat might cough

It ain't nothing to tell, empty shells for the witness

I'm the hot nigga that's gonna put hell outta business

It won't be the same since we touching the game

make the hardest nigga in your