Players (only Love You When They're Playing)

Crazy Town

No doubt I'm the one your mama warned you about I'm know for taking ladies home and turning them out/ Like kissing all the girlies and making them cry/ I'm a wise guy with wits/ The opposite of shy/ Make your girl's pussy shiver when she looks in my eyes/ So uh. One's for the money two's for the honeys/ Three's for the pimp's players and the playboy bunnies/ You best believe I throw down/ Ain't no need to slow down/ You name the place and the time/ Find Mr. Shifty at the show down/ Tearing you up that's why all the fly girls Just can't get enough/ Said I loved you, and you believe it was true/ That's hilarious but you mother should have warned you about guys like us/ Freak, Freak y'all Yeah, you know what I'm saying/ 'Cause players only love you when we're playing.

CHORUS : Now players only love you when we're playing/ These women they will come and they will go and all you players know just what I'm saying/ It's amazing just how many girls we know.

I know it ain't right/ But I don't want to change I've got so many dames, I can't remember their names/ But don't be confused cause girls are players too So, we're going to tell you about a girl we knew/ She was a pretty rebel a punk rock girl wiith a wicked sex drive and the mind of a devil/ Like agent 99, under cover all the time/ You want another kiss you better rack another line/ Unique in design this freak was kind of fine but she's not the only one/ There's plenty of her kind. / Ain't nothing funny baby her games so tight she can make the sun shine in the middle of the night/ She knows what she wants and she gets it when she want's it/ She knows that you want it/ She's got it, so she flaunts it/ So, get up on it/ You know the old saying/ Players only love you when there Playing.


Only the strong survive I come alive and hit My mark/ The after dark player caper can't lie, I'm on the take/ A heart breaker tonight the ladies call me Mr. Right and others call me a freak/ Girl, it's ok if you bite/ Some like It violent/ Mr. Mys