B-boy 2000

Crazy Town

This is the last trip/ This is the last trip/ CXT KRS-One/ Boogie down/ Crazy Town.

Chorus: I'm a bad as B-boy two triple O/ A space age hip-hop superhero.

I rock the block with glocks and brass knuckles/ A Pocket full of weed and a B-boy belt buckle/ Space age rage/ To rattle your cage/ Running amok as we fuck up the stage/ Taking hip-hop to a whole new level/ 8-0-8 bass over twisted metal/ Shifty, the rebel. Supernatural/ A mac with a pull/ Act a fool Excalibur/ Destroying M.C's with my vocal algebra/ We got something new for you/ for you To take your ass and move it/ Hit to lose it/ It's that crazy crew/ Talking You on a hide to the other side/ Check it / Bar codes on freaks/ Programmed to freak mode/ Black holes of lost souls, / Let the story be Told/ I rock a B-boys stance/ Cuz it's time to explode.


If you Ever want to know what time it is, compared to what time it isn't/ When you hear KRS in the house just runs and get our ticket/ Because when you come into this jam, the party will be kickin'/ All the wic Wacs and DJ's in the house jealous it get so sickenin'/ Now CXT are Some cool guys/ Still getting paid without no ties/ At least no jack and I can't hack it when you gonna ask the question why/ I never liked working at Mickey D's/ All my life I got B's and C's/ Down with the crew called BDP/ Shifty, and E.P.I.C/ Now when you be?


Put you mind over matter 'gather round the sound/ Yeah gather 'round The sound/ It don't get better, gather 'round the sound/ Come on.Gather 'round the sound.


I roll at light speed through Space and time with a boom box of beats and a book of rhymes/ Cosmo kinetic/ I just don't get it/ These fools want to rock/ But their rhymes are pathetic/ The Epic, digital bliss. / The mega sound/ consists of a hard drive bits/ Written under ground/ Crazy Town rock so hard, you'll go berserk with the sound that travels around the universe/ I'll Thoughts disperse we're the first and last/ High class, white trash/ Rolling a classic hover craft/ In strong days the wicke