Cindy Bernadette

DJ turn up this song
I wanna dance all night
And tonight we make some miracles

Thank God it's Friday night
Here I am putting on my stiletto
Brush my hair paint my nails
Looking good I'm good to go
Call my girls and my boys
Time is tickin let's rock and roll
Do your best to impress
Walk straight to the dance floor

Feel the beat with your heart,
Melt it all the way
Love your life
Love yourself,
Your own special way
Take your time don't rush it
You will see the sunshine,
Let's make some magic
Let's make some magic

See the lights
Feel some miracles
For tonight
We are invicible

Lights on me crowd on me
Tonite everyone's drinks on me
I aint no magician but i do magic
Tonites the nite lets get epic
It's alright show ni hesitation
For a second forget my reputation
Go easy start with the illusion
Focus lets bring up the tension
Drink it up everybody
Loose it up rock yo body
Bottoms up everybody
Loose it up rock yo body