Deuces (Remix)


Deuces, remix!
For the ladies, lets go

Nigga you got some nerves
Acting like you the business
Save that shit for the birds
'Cause you know you done fucked up, yeah
Trust when I say you will not find another girl yeah
That loves you like C, and touch you like C
Too bad that you could not even see
I gave my all to you
But you was undercover sleeping with another
All them nights I cried to you
Thought that it was only me but it was not only me
You got me feeling like a fool
Thought that it was perfect, hope that it was worth it
But I'll be okay, no more stress, no more pain
I'll be straight, I'm chucking up them deuces

I'm on some new shit chucking my deuces up to him
I'm moving on to something better, better, better
No more time to make it work

You make me wanna say bye bye
Say bye bye
Say bye bye to him
I gon hav to say bye bye
Say bye bye
Say bye bye to him

Should not have lied to me
I feel so bad you let me down
But you gon have to see, yeah
You gon wish I was around!

Deuces, chuck, chucking them deuces ...

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