Not Today

Chill Bump

Sky blue, the sun glistenin′
I hear morning birds whistlin'
Yesterday, I weren′t listenin'But right now I feel different
I've been down in the alley
With darkness around me
Where everything′s cloudy and grey

Birds chirp as I slurp my brew
I′m cool with the work I do
Clock ticks and the world might move
Time stops with a girl like you

Perched high word my dude
I observe life from a bird's-eye view
Jerks try hurt my mood
But my sky pure right blue

No risk taking
I tell my demons they are mistaken
I lift weights, eat less bacon
I run when the sun gets wakin′
Jumping rope 'til my legs achin′
Bathing when the heat get bakin'
Hiking when I need escapin′
Stopping when the sight breathtakin'

Cool, no cynical
Vision when I'm by the swimming pool
Sitting with a friend or two
Sipping brews with them
Chatting, chilling, skinny-dipping with a few women

Just a simple musician
Getting lewd when I′m in the booth spittin′ sabertooths
Ripping new rhythms scribbling cool sh*t to the syllabus
Fittin' this shot of Remy Gamy Mary
Followed by a shot of Henny
While I′m voluntary solitary
Hand on my belly
Bumping Makaveli
Bopping by the chimney

Then I get a cute message on my celly
Who's this? that hottie Betty?
Pretty spelling something like Halle Berry
Hurry up honey bunny come and get me

Because I got another bottle with me
Better bring your bare body quickly
Bottoms up, we can swallow plenty
We ain′t gotta stop 'til the second bottle empty

And then she unzips my fly, ah
′Til I twitch and whine with desire
Wired up by her, sh*t is fire
Sizzling like a kitchen fire

Finna make a flying b*tch sing higher
Than the very high-pitched Mariah
Higher than the little children's choir
Busting the grill Richard Pryor

Living like she, living my dream
Sharing my life with the right queen
Tearing my mics, getting my green
Feeling mad like get what I mean

Sky blue, the sun glistenin'
I hear morning birds whistlin′
Yesterday I weren′t listenin'
But now I feel different

I′ve been down in the alley
With darkness around me
Where everything's cloudy and grey
But not today