Whatever It Is

Ce Ce Peniston

Whatever it is, whatever it is

Just the other day I was thinkin' of you
The way ya make me feel is just so damn good
Starin' at your picture, of you look so fine
When you love me down you just take your time

Is it your touch that brings me
Shivers when I sleep
Is it the sexy things you say
Every time you speak
Baby, I know there's something about you
And I just can't lie
I guess that's the reason I can't get you off my mind

Whatever it is - oh don't take it away from me
Whatever it is - promise that you'll always stay
Whatever it is - it's got me crazy about you
Cause no one can love me like you do

Maybe it's the way you call my name
When you're around it's my desire
To have you near me just because
Boy you just don't know
It's all the crazy things that you do
Cause you're doin' things to me
Nobody else could do



Oh baby sounds real good to me
Cause nobody does it like you do
Like you do - like you
The way that you touch me
Here and there and everywhere
The way that you're lovin' me down
The way that you do do do...