Deal Real


Well at least I know that I've loved

Ain't that what I'm supposed to say

To learn from my mistakes

Awareness of the past in the way I live today

So how comes I still feel I've fucked up?

And even after all this time

As soon as I see your face

It brings back all the regrets

That are still floatin' round my mind

Others say forget over time

But forget and stay blind

I can move on, I can be strong,

But I still feel pain

Don't deny or act like it is just a game

Deal real to feel real

Deal real to feel real and look on

You gotta make your actions

Yeah it's good to progress and to move on

But remember the things that you said

And actions that you wish undone

Life's long to act strong

Don't spend your time wishin'

That we'll all see through you

If it's what you done you can't hide it

Cos it will take down with a little ha ha ha

If it's what you done you gotta live with it

Cos if it was all undone

You'd never have to be strong

What's done, it may be shit

But shit can still heal

Don't spend your time acting fake

And then stand wondering why you're alone

It's cos you're livin' a lie