This death is comfortable

Beggar's life intolerable

Running with the madmen

Lowest of fears can't fathom

Measure your breath in fractions

Fists clenched

Touch my heart it mends

Sour taste can't pretend

Visions of hope burn deep inside

Shine through the hidden eye

The burden of fixation preys

Won't lift and dissipate


The barking tongues

Sweetened breath invade my lungs

Now i can see the truth in full

A matter of fact impressionable

The love in me is sensual

Soul of mine disperse

Veins are boiling

Remedy deserts

Constant hurting


Give me back

All of my respect for self


And full of shit

Absence of the inner wealth


Time is racing

Slave puppet


Cut your life

From the point of view

That keeps you on your backside

Trust in my clique

Odds are

One to six

Revolution of the sick

Give it up Give it up

Give it up for the mastermind

rotherhood like family

Spiritual design

The verbal menace

Welcome to my madness


The cause

Factions ise up then deply

Non attractive

The language of the masses

Am I of the ashes?

My friend

Blood runs thick until the end

Upright position

Move in the forward fashion


Cambodia ascends

The striking similarity reeks

Bastardized to walk with

Weak of weak

Which do you seek?

The victory or defeat

Peace beautifies all,

A kingpin standing tall

Never fall

Who will be the first to crawl?

I respect.

If you need a hand I'll lend

If you respect me over backwards I will bend

Deny the disguise in disgust

Are you sleeping with the demons

To evolve into your lust?