I Like

C Note

I like I like I like I like oh My dreams are now reality Each and every time you are here with me A touch you give me with you hand

You caress my skin I'm under your command Girl you hypnotize me with you eyes It took me some time but now I realize It's you to

whom which I belong I love it the feeling's getting strong

I like the things you do to me I like it brings out ecstasy I like it really turns me on I like the way the feeling's getting strong

Oh girl you are my lover When I'm with you there is no other A spell you've got me under Please don't you leave I'm on my hands and

knees Words can't express the way I feel Emotions for you oh so real Girl you love me over and over again Don't stop it please don't

let it end

I like, the things you do to me I like, it brings out ecstasy I like, it really turns me on I like the way feeling's getting strong

You know I love it--hey girl You know I care, sugar, You know I like it, baby I like I like the way you wear your hair I like the stylish

clothes you wear The way you kiss me I feel warm Gimme all you lovin' all night long
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