Murder And Daz

C-Murder Featuring Daz Dillinger

C-Murder/(Daz Dillinger)

(Yeah, what's happenin?)

Whassup Daz nigga?

(Whassup C-Murder?)

Shit, I think we got problems.


Ya know?

(Fuck that.)

Nigga call back Sean let's do that shit like this.

(How we doin it just like this.)


(Ya know what I'm sayin?)

Let's ride on em.

(Buck all yall.)

Ya heard?

Daz Dillinger

Aww yeah (aww yeah), it's bout that time to get into some gangsta shit

A second no doubt nigga before we bang you quick

The gang and No Limit, we about to trip

Slangin these thangs as a youngster

Grew up with killers and drug niggas, big cowards and busters

Seen it all from a mile away, but it's all on straight

With automatic with static nigga cause we don't play

C-Murder rap up and pat up and rap up, out to get him nigga what up

With enough lead to make these niggas shut the fuck up

Boom boom as me and my niggas come through with attitude

Actin rude, slappin and jackin these fools

Rollin down the block as the system knock

Truck beatin deep as a motherfucker, fuck the cops

I bust on niggas with nerve, pull up on niggas on the curb

Swerve and yell out nigga you ain't heard

Bout as dollar birds, loaded high of herb

Sean duck, what the fuck, niggas are rollin it up

My heart is cold as ice, day and night

Strapped with shit you can't fuck with, so you better get white

See gotta gun it off, got up and stumbled, fell and fall

??? and spin niggas with my motherfuckin doggs

Cause when you fuck with us you done fucked with the real

So we don't fuck with sucka niggas, busta niggas that squeal

Yellin hey (hey), yo (yo), hey (hey), yo (yo)

Why niggas wanna try to fuck with this man

You knowin how we do, how we do man

Yellin hey (hey), yo (yo), hey (hey), yo (yo)

Why niggas wanna try to fuck with this man

You knowin how we do it, we don't play play


In God I trust, for them gats I bust

And fuck the world cause a gan