Revolution Blues


well - we live in a trailer
at the edge of town
you never see us
cause we don't come around
we got twenty five rifles
to keep the population down

but we need you now
that's why i'm hangin round

so you be good to me and i'll be good to you
and in this land of conditions
i am not above suspicion
i won't attack you but
i won't back you, yeah

well - it's so good to be here
asleep on your lawn
remember your guard dog
i'm afraid that's gone
it was such a drag to hear him
whining all night long

yeah - that was me with the doves
setting them free near the facotry
where you built your computer - love

i hope you get the connection
cause i can't take the rejection
i don't believe you
i don't believe you

i'm a barrel of laughs
with my carbine on
i keep em hoppin
till the ammunition's gone
but i'm still not happy
feel like something's wrong

i got the revolution blues
i see bloody fountains
and a ten million dune buggies
comin' down the mountains

i hear that laurel canyon
is full of famous stars
but i hate them worse than lepers
and i'll kill them in their cars

well you sucker
well you sucker
did you f**k her
you're the sucker
you're the sucker
ask your mother
ask your mother
yeah yeah
you're the sucker