The Ruler

Bush Babees

(Lee Majors)

If I could rule the world like Kurtis

I'd wear my crown to a tilt

garnish the world with fine silk

and look over what I build and say

wicked are those who cross the path of righteous men

let me start again (for what)

for those who can't comprehend

lee majors

the virus

niggas they run from us

we the spot runners

i'll snatch your land like colombus

take crews in large numbers

who'll be the 1st to seal their fate

and make me play the album

I'm out to rule the world

while you talk about your silly glasses

half-ass rappers can't match this

the shit I practice

shakes the world off its axis

your vaginal flow can't compete with my

god like tactics

sharp as a cactus

my personnel behind doors

getting ready building missles for the next world war

I kidnapped the president's wife

strapped with a butter knife

planned to take her life in exchange for insight

about the new world order

my troops will move across the border

with plans to overthrow your government

seal up the border

more than a corner

the whole earth is a game

we bout to take over this world

like the brain

man your shit is insane

(Lee Majors 2nd verse)

my crew line up like picket fences


no remorses

we squaring off on the oval office

shacked up on iron horses

no playas

just coaches

deep like army ants on the backs of roaches

you can't approach us

my team's strapped with knowledge of self

giving love to a few

hated by everyone else

coz up on the earth it's kind of hard to maintain