Imaginary Places


Im just here to hold your hand when you die

and to show you around imaginary places

puttin many lumps on my bloody stump

edible habits so I bit the perfect circle

die in your sleep with the sky at your feet

ill shoot you when your happy on the day that you will find peace

how did you do it, i dont know, im ok

every person i know is a secret sorta agent

cuz im accused of lewd conducts

(all prove hard to rate the prompts?) (**my guess**)

any kind of rumor for em, may they rest to put me in a loony bin

a funny farm a coo-coo but they need a villian

Im just here to hold your hand when you die

there is not a sicker person that can do it better

no need to skip it in my eco system

but in the audience of me being evil christian

H-M know how I hate him so

but he charged me for a halo

but im on a scavenger hunt for a map with a chunk

of a sky mirror Ill go crazy with a mud pie

I play dead songs on the sill screen

Iron my shirt it is a chill dream

It is on to lead away to the stair well till we gut him in it

straight up from the center finally fair-well

Im just here to hold your hand when you die

and to give your assault rifle a bannana clip

flow in the dark when i stroll in the park

giving everybody informative pamphletes

no sign of life for as far as i can see

everybodys just charred meat up in the car seat

eat shit and die to the secret spy

cuz i have this funny feeling that im being watched

24-hour survailance

money or power or ailments

whyd they send the medical the he shimmered me the hammer

it was way too much you coulda went and had 200

Im just here to hold your hand when you die

Psycho better cause trouble runnin for your soft spot

late market closed, and the irk on her nose

turned into a deadly gas flowin through the air ducts

shes had no love for the thought that she was

she doesnt love me cuz I dont have the right hair cut

Im miss-understood, I just face it, Im no good