Finally Free

Burning Point

[hidden track]

In-completed life something was missing

Left all alone in the cold

Cries in the dark, but no one was listening

Was it indifference that killed the spark?

Preachers of the kingdom they say I never die

But do I want to live an endless life?

I can be the judge, the jury and the hangman in one

Medals of honor will shine on my way


The law was weak, they could not keep me

Locked in my prison sell.

I won. I'm your prodigal son

And now I'm finally free.

Words of wisdom, deceived the system

I'm free from my prison sell,

Minor error will turn to terror

'Cos now I'm finally free.

Where's the life I was supposed to live

Where's the world I was thought to believe

Beneath the surface lies the beast

All calculated no chance to flee